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VP Investors LLC offers solid, smart investment opportunities, backed by a real estate property strategy aligned with our commitment to revitalizing our urban living spaces and landscapes – all within a profitable business model.

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In these tough economic times, we’ve seen real estate and property management companies act financially irresponsible time and time again. We’re not into the risky business of property flipping or gambling with your investment.

At VP Investors LLC, we secure our assets and cash reserves with potential market anomalies in mind, to minimize long-term risk and ensure your greatest total return.

Our commitment to our properties mirrors our commitment to our investors: we are dedicated to growing your money while we take a hands-on approach to community improvement.

Our strategy ensures we retain ownership of our assets while we’re concurrently fiscally conservative with our cash reserves. You can rest assured your cash investment with VP Investors LLC is secure and consistently earning due to our choice interest rates and commitment to financial responsibility.

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VP Investors offers 5-year, 7-year, 10-year, and 15-year investment programs that can earn you as much as 11.0% APR!

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